Barb’s Story

“My name is Barb, and I died – against my wishes – on September 14, 2001, just three days after 9/11.  Melanoma.” Thus begins Barb’s Story, a fictional memoir about a woman who is given the chance to live the life she never had: to fall in love, weather difficulties of family and friends, and most of all, discover what really matters in life. Coping with her sister Barb’s untimely death at the age of 48, the author, Susan Upton Douglass, imagines the life Barb might have led, showcasing a one-of-a-kind heroine as she navigates an imaginary life with grace and humor. It will make all of us wonder what we might do if we were given the precious gift of a second chance.

What readers are saying…

“A wonderful novel of a fictional second chance, with both fact and fiction woven into a story of relationships with family and friends, with topics as diverse as love, happiness and hardship within contexts as diverse as medical, alternative medicine, legal and political. Engaging and well written first novel that draws you into the story from the beginning. An added plus for readers who know Chicago. Highly recommend.”  — Jean Einstein
“Barb’s Story is a compelling testament to the strength of relationship ties between spouses, siblings, parents and last but not least, friends. The author shows what it means to love and support one another through the good times and the trials of life. The enduring love between the characters is uplifting and leaves the reader with much to think about and reflect upon not only in the relationships explored, but also in the wider contemporary issues that the novel addresses. A thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking read.” — Michelle Virzi
“An uplifting story of a family rallying around each other in all their times of need. An uplifting novel of finding love at 48 after recovering from a difficult illness. It is an uplifting novel of a romantic mature relationship woven through the trials of family members. Without giving too much away it is also a happy story. — Linda Peretz

About the Author

SUSAN UPTON DOUGLASS practiced law for over 39 years, spending most of her career at Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, a top New York City law firm specializing in trademark and copyright law. She was recognized by her peers as one of four leading trademark lawyers in the U.S., an “Expert’s Expert” and a “Thought Leader.” (continue….)

Topics for Readers

The overarching theme of the story is second chances, but there are other themes to be explored. (continue….)